Breastfeeding Peer Counselor Program

This program is for WIC mothers offering information, encouragement and support for breastfeeding.  You can do it!  We can help!

Benefits of Breastfeeding

  • Breast milk contains the correct proportion of nutrients best for babies.
  • Breast milk gives babies antibodies and immune cells they need to support a healthy immune system.
  • Breast milk protects babies from developing allergies.
  • Breast milk is safer than any alternative because it is always fresh.
  • Breastfed babies develop a strong bond with their mothers.
  • Breastfeeding can decrease your chances of breast cancer.

How does this program help me?

When you need someone to talk to about breastfeeding, we are here to help you.  You will be more confident and comfortable about breastfeeding by having a peer counselor to talk to.

A Breastfeeding Peer Counselor is a Mom Who…

  • Answers your questions and gives you support
  • Has breastfed her own baby
  • Is here to encourage and educate
  • Knows what life is like with a new baby
  • Wants to help you be successful at breastfeeding
  • Will listen to your concerns
  • Will share her own personal experience with you
  • You can get to know while you are pregnant so you will be comfortable with her once your baby is born

All breastfeeding women in Arizona may also call a 24-hour Breastfeeding Information and Support
Hot Line:  1-800-833-4642

These services are available to WIC participants.  For more information and eligibility contact us.