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Community Health Education

What is Health Education?

Health Education provides residents of Yavapai County with information...

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Why is it needed?

Community health education acts to encourage the behavior changes that increase physical vitality and healthy living. When provided useful health education, people can increase their physical activity, choose not to use tobacco, and make better health choices in general that will lower their risk of chronic disease, improve overall health, and lead to better quality of life.

Who is eligible?

Some programs are limited on a space-available basis, but our education services are offered to benefit all residents of Yavapai County.

Is there a cost?

In most cases, there are no costs. With some programs, there are costs associated with some materials, if the participant chooses to keep them.

What are the goals of the programs?

  • Provide opportunities for adults and children to increase their physical activity levels safely.
  • Provide lessons which will help children choose not to use tobacco products.
  • Provide tobacco cessation classes that will ultimately help people quit tobacco use.
  • Provide 6-week workshops that help people develop skills and awareness to cope with physical limitations related to chronic health conditions.
  • Provide information to businesses that must abide by the Smoke-Free Arizona Law.
  • Provide sexual health education and safe dating education to youth.

What has the program achieved?

Physical Activity Health Educators arrange community and school-based programs that provide incentives and instruction on how to increase physical activity levels. For adults, we support the Mall Walkers program, TrekAbout Walking Program, and the Arizona Take Charge Challenge. For children, we visit school classrooms to encourage and support increased levels of physical activity among the school-age children. We give “Presidential Active Lifestyle Award” certificates to the children who participate.

Health Educators offer a number of Healthy Living Workshops in several communities, and are introducing the Enhance Fitness program to ages 60 and over as funding levels allow.

Health Educators make classroom presentations to help prevent the initiation of tobacco use in children. Health Educators also offer worksite wellness programs to businesses in the area, focusing on the areas of tobacco cessation, physical activity and nutrition. Facilitators lead group classes which help people quit tobacco use in the Prescott and Verde Valley areas.

Program staff provide education and signage to local businesses regarding how to comply with the Smoke-Free Arizona law. Our staff also investigate complaints related to the Smoke-Free Arizona law that prohibits smoking in most businesses that serve the public.

Health Educators deliver classroom and group presentations on healthy dating for the Safe Dates program and Reducing the Risk sexual education program.

Where are the Health Education services available?

Our services are available by arrangement with various community centers and schools, or other locations posted online or in local newspapers.

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