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Arizona Living Well Program

What is the Arizona Living Well Program?

Arizona Living Well provides evidence-based programming for older adults in Yavapai County. Two evidence-based programs currently offered under Arizona Living Well are the Healthy Living: Self-Management of Chronic Conditions Workshop and EnhanceFitness.

Healthy Living: Self management of Chronic Conditions Workshop

Healthy Living Workshops meet weekly, for 2½ hours, for six weeks. The program is designed for adults living with an ongoing health problems such as arthritis, diabetes, heart conditions, respiratory conditions or chronic pain. Those caring for loved ones with an ongoing health condition are also welcome to attend. This workshop is designed to help participants take control and manage the problems or challenges they may experience while living with an ongoing health condition. Workshops are highly interactive and participants are encouraged to be supportive of one another.

How was the program developed?

This program was developed by the Stanford Patient Education Research Center and is facilitated in Yavapai County by two trained leaders, one or both of whom have a chronic condition themselves.

What are the outcomes of the program?

Those who participate in the program report feeling better and more “in control” of their conditions. They also report less fatigue and are more physically active. Studies have also shown that participants spent about one day less in the hospital a year.

Who is eligible?

Anyone living with or caring for someone with an ongoing health condition may participate. Preference is given to those over age 55.  Healthy Living Workshops will not conflict with existing programs or treatment.

Is there a cost?

There are no fees for this program. A Workshop book is available on a loaner basis or for a donation if participants want to keep it. Program funding is provided by the Arizona Department of Health Services and the Area Agency on Aging.

Where are workshops located?

Workshops are ongoing at a variety of locations in Yavapai County.  Individuals interested in this program may call for current workshop times and locations. A calendar of upcoming workshops is located on the Arizona Living Well Institute  website.

Who do I contact for more information?

Arizona Living Well Program

Phone: (928) 442-5480
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