Public Health Emergency Preparedness

For urgent after-hours business or to report a public health threat or emergency, call (928) 442-5262.  For medical emergencies, call 9-1-1.

Public Health Emergency Preparedness staff plan for public health threats and emergencies,Public Health Preparedness and Response Logo including natural disasters such as floods, wildfires, disease outbreaks, and terrorism events.

Public health staff regularly update preparedness plans; participate in training, drills, and exercises; provide education and training to volunteers and the public; and work with emergency management, first responders, and others.  For more information, visit

An 400-member Medical Reserve Corps of local and nonmedical volunteers supports response capabilities.

Being prepared… peace of mind in any emergency.

Are you ready?

Because first responders may not be able to meet everyone’s needs in the first hours or days following a major disaster, it is important for citizens to be prepared and be able to provide for their own needs for at least 3-5 days.

Think for a moment about the resources you would need to maintain your self-sufficiency for several days. Do you have enough bottled water on hand if the disaster cuts off access to your normal water supply? Do you have enough food if unable to get to a grocery store? What about prescription medications and any special needs you may have? If you have pets, do you have enough food, water, and any pet medications they will need? Do you have a family preparedness plan? A family communication plan in case you find yourselves separated during a disaster?

For help in determining what you will need in a disaster/emergency kit of food, water, and supplies for your family, and how to create a family preparedness and communication plan that will keep your family safe and ready to respond, visit: or

For Arizona disaster information, visit: